Sangeeta Bhatia, MD PhD, founder and former CEO, Glympse Bio

Jeff was an advisor to me and Glympse for five years starting even before the company as spun out of MIT. He was absolutely critical to visioning our business model, navigating regulatory and reimbursement strategy, establishing our lead program, building our team, and developing our first product. He is a versatile, hands-on, advisor who coached me and the company through many firsts with his insights and experience. He has been an invaluable contributor to our success.

Murat Kalayoglu, former CEO, Health Honors, Inc.

Jeff helped me get HealthHonors off the ground.  His guidance spanned help wth overall strategy, financial modeling, polishing our presentation and pitch, customer acquisition, raising capital and team building.  He's a terrific resource to have on the team, a "Jack of all trades" who's done it all.  But his most valuable trait is not his experience base but rather his clarity of thought.  He has a way of cutting through the noise to get to the substance quickly.  I've found that working with him makes me see the path to success more clearly and directly. We successfully sold that company and are on to our second.  It would not have happened without him.

Cary Hagan, CEO, Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc.

Woburn, MA

Jeff has been an advisor to me for nearly four years.  We meet weekly when my travel schedule allows and I get incredible value out of every meeting.  Sessions with Jeff help sharpen key priorities, provide new perspectives and new solutions.  There is zero “fluff” and one hundred percent valuable content.


I value Jeff’s ability to reflect any situation back to me in a way that is direct, honest, clear, and concise.   With Jeff I have come to expect a series of thoughtful, rapid-fire questions.  From there, the information is relayed back to me in a manner that is unmistakably clear and organized and brings new understanding and perspective. 


Jeff’s contributes across a wide variety of disciplines and his ability to absorb volumes of technical information to prepare for a conversation is remarkable.   He has won the respect of the executive team and is frequently relied-upon as a sounding board for strategies that range across the business.   Whether the topic is marketing, financial analysis, production management, statistical analysis, complex clinical / regulatory strategies, etc. the team is always willing to utilize Jeff as a sounding board for direction and feedback.


Jeff ensures that everyone remains on-point and that the results are laser-focused on the most critical objectives.  He attends key team meetings and has sometimes led them in my absence with outstanding results.  I trust him completely.

Scot Jones, CEO and Owner, Groov-Pin Corporation

Smithfield, RI

Jeff has been an invaluable resource as a coach and sounding board over the last year. When we met, with just a few questions, Jeff zeroed in on the essential issues with my company unlike anyone I've met.


Smart, perceptive, focused, and personable, he quickly came up to speed on the issues in the business. 


After collaboratively discussing my goals for the business and priorities, Jeff took an active role in helping reshape our marketing and sales approach. He has helped move the dial on some longstanding issues in a way that has developed momentum in our business. 


Jeff has consistently been there to confidentially discuss issues CEO to CEO, in a way not available with others in the business or family. One of Jeff's strengths is helping to shape direct, focused action to resolve complex issues with frank advice, insight, and resources

Rick Green, CEO and Owner,

Pepperell, MA

Jeff was a coach to me and strategic consultant to the business for 18 months. He helped me get through organizational, operational and strategic challenges more quickly than I would have been able to without him and, as a result, has had a material impact on the rapid growth and success of our business. Jeff is very smart and straight-forward. He listens, provides insightful advice and challenges when necessary. I recommend him highly to any CEO whose business is growing rapidly and for those who wish it to.

Jeff Behrens, CEO, Siamab, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

I've known Jeff Arnold for almost 20 years as a mentor, client, friend, investor and consultant. Most recently, as I was deeply involved in fundraising for Siamab Therapeutics, a biotechnology startup, I found I was going to Jeff beyond what was reasonable for a mentor so we agreed to a consulting agreement focused on fundraising support. We worked closely together for close to a year, and his help was invaluable.


Jeff was creative, demanding, and very insightful. Sialix has been very successful with our fundraising, most recently closing an oversubscribed round and Jeff certainly gets a significant part of the credit for this.


I recommend Jeff wholeheartedly to anyone who is willing to take a hard look at their business strategy, messaging, and fundraising tactics and do some hard work.

Steve Gordon, former CEO, Intelligent BioSystems, Inc.

Waltham, MA

Jeff Arnold has been an invaluable asset in the three years that he has consulted for us. He has helped with strategy, financing, technical matters, team building and financing. He is a very unique resource for me: he is not part of my management team, he is not on my board, and he is not my spouse! He is in a position to give me suggestions and feedback without the bias that might come from these other constituencies. He is extremely sharp, has a significant amount of experience as a CEO and has dealt with many of the challenges of that job. 


When we needed to raise money, he helped develop our business plan and refine the pitch. He used his contacts and personal relationships to open doors and move the financing process along. We ultimately closed a VC funding with a long-time contact of his, at an attractive valuation and in the middle of the recession, when almost no VC financings were being done.


In addition, he has helped me stay focused on my top priorities. Through my interaction with him, I know we made higher-quality decisions and had greater confidence that those decisions were correct.


I highly recommend Jeff as a strategic consultant and advisor to any CEO.

Phil Johnson, CEO and Owner, PJA Advertising

Cambridge, MA

A friend recommended Jeff Arnold to discuss a potential acquisition. In an hour he helped to clarify my thinking, and we started working together on strategic issues for my advertising agency. During this past year, he has played three important roles:

  • Developing a business planning process and making sure we have all the operational systems to succeed.

  • Helping to structure the management team and aligning that group with the business plan.

  • Providing financial and management guidance.


I’ve always been wary of consultants; they can be long on advice and short on follow through. Jeff, however, rolls up his sleeves and makes sure stuff gets done. He comes from a strong operational background, having founded companies and worked as a CEO for venture backed and public companies. Working with Jeff, you really do feel like you’ve got a CEO advisor at your side. He’s a great finance guy and a very astute student of management. He’s also incredibly insightful about the interpersonal dynamics of a business. I like the fact that he avoids generalizations and really gets inside the unique world of our organization.


You’ve got to be open to a strong thinker and personality if you want to work with him. I’ve steamrolled over a few advisors in my day, and that just isn’t going to happen with Jeff. He’s got a top-flight brain and works it hard. I’ve come to value and thoroughly enjoy the intellectual rigor he brings to our conversations. Maybe most, I like the way he takes action, whether it’s taking the first cut at a planning document, or getting on the phone and using his network on our behalf.


Jeff brings a lot of passion to his engagements and you immediately sense he cares as much about your success as you do. I always feel like he has my back.

Fred Kornahrens, former CEO, Kspine, Inc.

Minnetonka, MN

Jeff was my strategic advisor for about a year and a half. You rarely find someone with Jeff’s intellect, experience and willingness to be there for you. He has “been there and done that” and it shows. His guidance was consistently useful, prompt, thorough and objective. He directly aided with developing our strategy, team building and most importantly, dealing with our investors and BOD. I appreciated his sanity checks along the way. I highly recommend Jeff.

Frank Samuel, Former President, Venture Ohio

Burton, OH

Jeff is one of the most creative, technically competent and managerially focused executives I have ever worked with. If you or your medical technology company needs an advisor who is focused, insightful and persistent, Jeff Arnold is your man. He listens too.

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