April 27, 2015


It happens all the time. Something comes up: some new opportunity -- technology, sales lead, possible partner, sales channel, way to automate or systematize some aspect of the business, etc. It is not in the plan nor central to the mission. You ask one of your lieutenants to do it or to look into it and report back. After all, the cost is only several hours or days of his/her time. If that is what you think, you are wrong.


Keeping the team focused is one of the most important jobs of the leader. Great leaders make certain that everyone understands the mission, what is important, what is in the plan and their role in it. The sense of foc...

February 24, 2015

In a prior blog I commented on the rising trend of employee turnover, the reasons why employees leave and the enormous costs to the company. In this I will continue with the importance of career development, mentoring and the CEO’s leadership in retaining talent.


Much has been written about employee retention with much of it focused on culture and working environment. But, assuming that you have already taken steps to create a positive culture, interesting work for your employees, career advancement opportunities and a tradition of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions, what further concrete steps can you then take that will h...

January 28, 2015

A CEO and business owner I know was facing an increasing level of turnover. His company is successful, well managed, growing and seemingly a great place to work, yet turnover was higher than in previous years and continuing to grow. More importantly, he had lost some of his stars and future leaders. Is this inevitable because of the competition for talent in his industry or is it a sign of a serious problem? What can he do about it?



The last few years have been a unique period wherein we did not need to worry much about turnover.  After the financial crisis employees were happy to have a job and not looking.  All that has changed.  As w...

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Effective Leadership: It’s Also About Knowing What Not to Do

April 27, 2015

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